Hotel Rooms for Visiting Guests

Are you hosting a family gathering during the upcoming holiday season? Perhaps, you don’t have enough space in your home for all of your visiting, out-of-town family members to stay. If you can relate to this scenario, consider renting hotel rooms for some of your loved ones to stay in during the holidays. Before booking rooms, talk with your family members in order to assess their needs. For example, you might need to rent a room containing two queen beds and a baby bed for a young family. Or, you may need to secure a handicap accessible room for an older relative. Booking a hotel that offers a complimentary continental breakfast is a good idea. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of renting hotel rooms for visiting family members this holiday season. Enjoy!

Benefits Of Staying At A Family Hotel


If you have children, you might consider staying at a family-friendly hotel. Have you ever wondered what they offer that makes them a better choice than traditional hotels? They typically have extra services, amenities, etc., that make the experience more pleasant for families.

Here are some of the benefits of staying at a family hotel:  

The Location

One benefit of staying at a family-friendly hotel is its location. They tend to be in areas where families visit, so you likely won't be far from attractions that kids love, like amusement parks, zoos, beaches, etc. If you find a family hotel and book it, you'll usually be pleasantly surprised at the number of nearby attractions that your kids will love.

Kid-Focused Amenities

Most hotels are hit or miss when it comes to having special amenities that kids enjoy, such as swimming pools, playgrounds, game rooms, etc. However, since family hotels are expecting young guests, they tend to have more amenities that keep kids entertained during their stay. If you book a family-friendly hotel, it will likely have one or more special amenities meant for kids.

Childcare Services

Some family hotels offer childcare services, so someone can watch your kids while you have adult time. It could be a special kids group that meets at certain times to watch movies, play games, etc., or a more standard babysitting service. Most hotels that aren't specifically meant for families won't have these kinds of services.

Less Embarrassment

When you bring children to places where there aren't other kids, it's common to find yourself in embarrassing situations based on your kids' behavior. Children are loud, sometimes throw tantrums, and like to run around and be louder than most adults, and it can cause some people to look at you with judgment. When you stay at a family hotel, you'll be surrounded by other children and their parents, so there's no need to be embarrassed when your kids get a little rambunctious. 

Fun Rooms

Some family hotels will have specially designed rooms that make the stay more fun for kids. It could be special artwork on the walls, themed rooms, bunk beds, etc. Kids aren't always excited to be staying away from home, so having rooms designed with them in mind can make them feel more comfortable.

Access to Cribs

A major pet peeve of parents of young kids is visiting a hotel and not being able to get a crib for the room. Family hotels know that there will be guests with young kids who need cribs, so they almost always have them available on request.

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7 April 2023