Planning A Work Retreat? 3 Reasons To Book A Hotel With A Meeting Space


Work retreats give you and your entire team the chance to relax, kick back, and enjoy the progress you have made for the entire year. While many business owners are focused on finding a hotel with enough space for everyone, choosing a place with a meeting room can be incredibly helpful. Here are three reasons you should book a hotel with a meeting room.  1. Convene A Quick Meeting While boardrooms are usually used to vote on key issues, they can also be helpful when making decisions as a group--even if those issues are where to eat or which excursions to take part of on that day.

1 September 2020

Qualities To Look For When Choosing Extended Temporary Housing


People have to travel for work for a variety of reasons. Some people, while traveling, must stay in particular locations for an extended period of time. Rather than staying in traditional hotels during this time, many of them opt for extended temporary housing. These types of facilities offer more of the creature comforts of home while remaining affordable lodging while away from home. Special Offers or Deals for Long-Term Stay

22 May 2020