Hotel Rooms for Visiting Guests

Are you hosting a family gathering during the upcoming holiday season? Perhaps, you don’t have enough space in your home for all of your visiting, out-of-town family members to stay. If you can relate to this scenario, consider renting hotel rooms for some of your loved ones to stay in during the holidays. Before booking rooms, talk with your family members in order to assess their needs. For example, you might need to rent a room containing two queen beds and a baby bed for a young family. Or, you may need to secure a handicap accessible room for an older relative. Booking a hotel that offers a complimentary continental breakfast is a good idea. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of renting hotel rooms for visiting family members this holiday season. Enjoy!

5 Tips For Scoring An Apartment In A Tight Rental Market


Looking for a new apartment? Rental vacancy rates are extremely low in many parts of the country, and you may be facing a situation where you're competing with multiple prospective tenants -- and in highly competitive markets, landlords have the option of being picky to the point where many applicants are left feeling it's useless to even apply. 

Following are five ways that you can increase your odds of finding an apartment in a tight rental market: 

Be Prompt 

Never be late for an appointment see a rental. If the neighborhood is unfamiliar to you, scope it out a day or so before the appointment to eliminate the risk of getting lost and ending up late. This will also provide you with an opportunity to check out the neighborhood and get an idea of how your commute is going to be. 

Be Pragmatic

If you have your heart set on a desirable, trendy neighborhood, you may need to face the fact that you'll have to make some compromises. Rentals in these areas go like wildfire, so look into other possibilities to give yourself a better chance of landing a spot. 

Be Personable

Dressing for an apartment showing as carefully as you would for a job interview helps you put your best foot forward with private landlords a well as professional property managers. Be clean, pressed, and conservative to make the best possible first impression. 

Be Prepared 

Finding a rental in a tough market is sometimes as simple as being prepared to act on the spot when the right opportunity comes along. Be prepared when going to an apartment showing by having everything necessary to rent the place then and there. Bring references from past landlords, proof of employment or school status, a filled-out rental application, a current copy of your credit report, the means to put down an immediate deposit, and any information on any pets you may have, such as breed, vaccination record, and spay or neuter status. If you've got a current renters' insurance policy, be sure to bring that paperwork as well.

Compiling a comprehensive renters' resume is also a stellar strategy for standing out from the pack when competing for a limited amount of rental vacancies. 

Be Persistent  Sending a follow-up email after you've viewed an apartment may also provide you with an edge over other applicants, especially if you state that you're ready and able to sign a lease and pay the deposit and other costs as soon as possible. Even if you don't get the apartment -- let's say you were the second or third choice -- the landlord may keep you in mind for other openings. 

Contact a company like Dale Forest Apartments for more information and assistance. 


27 November 2017