Hotel Rooms for Visiting Guests

Are you hosting a family gathering during the upcoming holiday season? Perhaps, you don’t have enough space in your home for all of your visiting, out-of-town family members to stay. If you can relate to this scenario, consider renting hotel rooms for some of your loved ones to stay in during the holidays. Before booking rooms, talk with your family members in order to assess their needs. For example, you might need to rent a room containing two queen beds and a baby bed for a young family. Or, you may need to secure a handicap accessible room for an older relative. Booking a hotel that offers a complimentary continental breakfast is a good idea. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of renting hotel rooms for visiting family members this holiday season. Enjoy!

Perks That Extended Stay Hotels Offer


One of the choices that you'll need to make when you're booking a hotel is the type of property at which you'll stay. While there are budget, family, and upscale hotels, don't overlook extended stay hotels. These properties can be highly appealing to a wide range of guests for a number of reasons. Known for their large rooms that often feature full kitchens, as well as a variety of on-site amenities such as laundry facilities, extended stay hotel rooms have some features that can make them more enticing than those that cater to guests who are staying for shorter durations. Here are some of these perks:

Discounts Based On Length Of Stay

A budget-friendly feature that you'll often encounter at extended stay hotels is a reduction in your nightly rate the longer you stay. Whereas a traditional hotel will charge you a set rate for each night of your visit, extended stay properties give you a financial incentive to lengthen your stay. For example, you might pay $110 per night for the first five nights of your stay, but then pay $90 for the sixth night and $75 for the seventh night. This setup adds up to considerable savings, especially if you're planning some lengthy trips.

Features For Pets

While many hotels allow you to stay with pets, not every property you might consider booking is pet-friendly. This may mean that at some hotels, pets are prohibited, while at others, you have to pay a significant fee each day of your visit that you stay with a pet. At extended stay properties, there's often a higher degree of acceptance toward your family pets. Administrators of these hotels know that many families travel with their four-legged friends, and not only allow pets on the premises, but may not charge the family a nightly fee. Additionally, there may be pet-friendly features on the hotel property, such as fenced-in dog run area.

Two Or More Televisions

The number of TVs in your hotel room might seem like a small deal, but it's an enjoyable feature that you'll often encounter at extended stay properties. If you're vacationing and there's inclement weather that washes out your plans, your family may spend more time at the hotel than expected. Adults and children won't often want to watch the same movie or TV show, but this won't be an issue at an extended stay hotel. There will be a TV in each of the bedrooms, as well as one in the living room for your family to enjoy.


10 November 2017