Hotel Rooms for Visiting Guests

Are you hosting a family gathering during the upcoming holiday season? Perhaps, you don’t have enough space in your home for all of your visiting, out-of-town family members to stay. If you can relate to this scenario, consider renting hotel rooms for some of your loved ones to stay in during the holidays. Before booking rooms, talk with your family members in order to assess their needs. For example, you might need to rent a room containing two queen beds and a baby bed for a young family. Or, you may need to secure a handicap accessible room for an older relative. Booking a hotel that offers a complimentary continental breakfast is a good idea. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of renting hotel rooms for visiting family members this holiday season. Enjoy!

Ideas For Keeping Your Camera Gear Discreet When Taking A Photography Vacation


If you're an avid photographer, who enjoys nature, taking a vacation to shoot wildlife may be a bucket list item. Although you can often plan this type of trip within the United States, you might also be thinking about traveling abroad to capture images of wildlife in its natural habitat that you can't find domestically. Traveling with a significant amount of expensive camera gear means that you should always have a plan for protecting these items from theft, and a key element of doing so is staying discreet about what you're carrying in the first place. Here are some ideas that you should plan to implement:

Disguise The Brands

An effective way to avoid having your camera gear stand out when you're traveling — and perhaps be snatched by a thief — is to cover up the camera's brand. The average thief will recognize top camera brands, which may compel him or her to snatch one of these items from you. If you have a camera strap that features your camera brand's name, replace it with a generic strap to attract less attention. Some photographers, when traveling, even go so far as to place a small piece of black tape over the name of the camera body itself to remain more discreet.

Carry It Unconventionally

It's a good idea to avoid carrying your camera gear out in the open when you're traveling for a wildlife shoot. You should only have your camera around your neck when you're actively taking pictures, rather than on the street, on a bus, or in other public areas. However, you want to be careful about how you carry it. Having your camera bag slung over your shoulder can potentially make you an easy target of a thief who knows that this bag may contain thousands of dollars in value. An old-looking and discreet backpack can often be valuable, as it won't often draw the attention of thieves.

Rely On Your Hotel Safe

Whenever you aren't actively shooting, the best place for your camera gear is in your hotel. Don't just leave it on the desk, though. Many hotel rooms are equipped with in-room safes, so it's a good idea to place whatever gear you can fit in the safe. If you can't fit all of it, place the highest-value items in this secure location. If you want to further protect your other pieces of camera gear, call the front desk of the hotel to ask if someone could keep the items in a larger safe in the hotel's office. Many hotels will do so for guests.

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8 November 2017