The Top Questions First-Time Family Travelers Should Ask About Resort Reservations


What questions should you ask when you book resort reservations for your family? You need to book a hotel stay for your first vacation as more than a solo adult or couple. Now that you have kids in tow, you need to know more about this process. Take a look at some of the top questions to ask your resort-of-choice's staff before you make a reservation for your first family vacation.

30 June 2022

Recommendations to Help You Choose a Temporary Housing Rental


When you are planning a move, your housing needs may vary based on your situation and your timeline. Sometimes you only need temporary rental housing if you are relocating temporarily for work, you are moving and have not purchased your new home yet, or you are moving to a completely new area and want to evaluate the city first before you choose a permanent place to live. No matter the reasons for your need for temporary housing, here are some tips to help you find a great housing rental for your upcoming move.

20 April 2022

Key Things To Know Before Staying In A Pet-Friendly Hotel For The First Time


Years ago, it was simply standard for hotels not to allow dogs and cats to stay in the rooms. However, as more and more people are traveling with their pets, some hotels have begun allowing pets. Some allow pets in all of their rooms, and others have specific pet-friendly rooms. If you're about to stay in a pet-friendly hotel for the first time, here are some key things you should know.

21 January 2022

Why A Beach Vacation In Gulfport, Mississppi Is A Great Idea


You may want to head to the beach for your next vacation and have thought about going to Florida or perhaps even heading to the Caribbean. One popular beach area you should consider is Gulfport, Mississippi. There are a number of reasons why going to Gulfport for your next beach vacation can be a great idea especially if you are going with your whole family. One of those major attractions is the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies as well as the family-friendly beaches.

11 October 2021

Top Tips When Renting a Vacation Condominium


There are many vacation accommodation options in the hospitality market. In addition to traditional hotels, vacation rental homes are available for holidaymakers. One of the best accommodation options is booking a condo. Such a rental property provides homely and affordable accommodation for extended holidays. However, the dream vacation depends on selecting the ideal lodging. Here are some key considerations when assessing a vacation condominium rental. Property Website One of the primary indicators of a quality vacation property is the availability of a website.

21 June 2021

Top Reasons to Rent a Condo for Your Next Family Vacation


Planning a family vacation involves taking care of a variety of details in advance. One of the first steps of vacation planning is choosing your accommodations. While many popular tourist destinations have a variety of resorts, hotels, and motels to choose from, vacation rentals, such as condos, are becoming increasingly popular. You can rent a vacation condo through an agency or directly from an owner — it is easy to find vacation condos online.

13 April 2021

3 Tips For Finding A Studio Apartment To Live In Comfortably


If you have been thinking about moving into an apartment on your own, you may want to consider all your options such as a studio, one-bedroom, and even two-bedroom unit. While getting one or two bedrooms certainly has its advantages, you may be more interested in the flexibility and savings that you can get by choosing to live in a studio apartment instead. Using certain tips while shopping around for a studio apartment is helpful because they help you feel confident that you are able to live in a small unit comfortably.

22 December 2020

Planning A Work Retreat? 3 Reasons To Book A Hotel With A Meeting Space


Work retreats give you and your entire team the chance to relax, kick back, and enjoy the progress you have made for the entire year. While many business owners are focused on finding a hotel with enough space for everyone, choosing a place with a meeting room can be incredibly helpful. Here are three reasons you should book a hotel with a meeting room.  1. Convene A Quick Meeting While boardrooms are usually used to vote on key issues, they can also be helpful when making decisions as a group--even if those issues are where to eat or which excursions to take part of on that day.

1 September 2020

Qualities To Look For When Choosing Extended Temporary Housing


People have to travel for work for a variety of reasons. Some people, while traveling, must stay in particular locations for an extended period of time. Rather than staying in traditional hotels during this time, many of them opt for extended temporary housing. These types of facilities offer more of the creature comforts of home while remaining affordable lodging while away from home. Special Offers or Deals for Long-Term Stay

22 May 2020

5 Reasons To Rent A Vacation Home Instead Of A Hotel


When you take a trip or vacation, you'll want to have a comfortable and relaxing place to go back to at the end of each day. Choosing quality accommodation is an important part of any trip. Instead of choosing a standard hotel for your next trip, you may want to look into renting a vacation home. This can offer so many benefits. There are many vacation homes and apartments available all over the globe.

27 September 2019